Our practice treats dry eye. We employ novel biologic, procedural, and pharmacologic modalities to relieve the morbilities associated with this chronic progressive disease. Our team of specialists generate a customized treatment paradigm for each patient after a rigorous diagnostic assessment.

With support from industry leaders in regenerative medicine, we are pioneering stem-cell therapy for the ocular surface. Using our in-house scleral lens expertise, we have developed a series of protocols to bath the cornea in a rich mixture of cytokines, growth factor, inflammatory modulators, structural proteins, and cell mediators. This novel approach promotes cellular repair, tissue rejuvenation, and clinical improvement.

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Thin and flexible solid amniotic membranes are used to treat dry eye and rehabilitate the ocular surface. We have pioneered a series of new therapies employing liquid preparations of these FDA-approved biologic components. Our approach is both comfortable and effective. Using proprietary scleral lens design, our patients enjoy an enhanced, immersive application of these bioactive compounds.

Customized treatment programs include an intense office experience, an overnight home therapy, and a daily scleral lens fluid interface supplementation. Experience with contact lens wear is not required.


With over a decade’s experience in Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), our practice uses the new Optimal Pulse Technology of the M22 Aesthetic Laser (Lumenis, Yokneam, Isreal) to manage blepharitis and rosacea. We apply specialized protective contact lenses to enhance ocular safety and permit aggressive therapy to both the upper and lower lids. In addition to facial rejuvenation, IPL improves meibomian gland function.

In 2011, we introduced LipiFlow: Thermal Pulsation (Johnson and Johnson, New Brunswick, New Jersey) to the Philadelphia region. LipiFlow is the only FDA approved device for the treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction.

Dr. Lewis is the Medical Director of the MiBoMedicalGroup, inventors of MiBoFlow. This unit applies microprocessor controlled radiant heat to liquify inspissated secretions and enhance comfort.


Dr. Lewis, a strong proponent of compounded, affordable pharmaceuticals, serves as a key opinion leader for Harrow Health (Nashville, Tennesse). Formerly of San Diego, Harrow’s 503A and 503B FDA-regulated facilities manufacture 0.9% Cyclosporin-A (Klarity-C) and Preservative Free Loteprednol (Klarity-L). These anti-inflammatories address the aqueous deficient component of dry eye.

Our practice works closely with Dr. Peter Pham of Zocular (Cypress, Texas), developer of a wide range of natural lid hygiene products derived from Okra.

James S. Lewis, MD

Dry eye specialist in private practice for over 30 years.  He is a recognized expert in corneal disease.

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Patrick McManamon, OD

Our Director of Dry Eye and Specialty Contact Lenses, Dr. McManamon is well versed in the treatment of dry eye catered to every individual patient’s needs.

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Amniotic Membrane Mask


$1600 for one eye

  • Duration: One week - Requires a return office visit
  • Note: This service is frequently covered by your health insurance carrier. A final determination will be made at the time of your evaluation.

Intense Pulsed Light

IPL: M2 Lumenis

$300 total for both eyes

  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Recommended Frequency: Monthly for a minimum of 3 sessions annually
  • Note: Packages of 6 IPL sessions can be purchased for $1500.